Geylang, Singapore Sex Haven


While Geylang stands as Singapore’s sole officially sanctioned red light district, providing a regulated environment for safe sex according to Singaporean law, it’s not the sole option for those seeking companionship.

Other unofficial red light zones exist, such as Orchard Towers, famously nicknamed “Four Floors of Whores,” and Brix Bar within the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Yet, it’s worth noting that finding company in Singapore extends beyond these designated areas. With the right knowledge of suitable spots and approaches, connecting with willing partners, whether they’re students, professionals, or travelers seeking adventure, isn’t particularly challenging.

Considering the abundance of adventurous individuals seeking casual encounters, the allure of a red light district may seem unnecessary.

Nevertheless, this article provides an overview of Singapore’s principal red light districts, detailing their offerings, pricing, and essential tips to avoid being taken advantage of.

To provide a quick overview, here’s a summary of the price ranges by district:

Red Light Area Prices

Prostitutes in different areas charge varying rates, typically spanning from $40 to $500.

The pricing dynamics are influenced by factors such as attractiveness and age. Younger and more appealing sex workers often command higher fees due to higher demand, while older individuals may be more flexible in negotiating rates.

For those seeking more budget-friendly options, red light districts like Petain Road, Desker, and Roswell Road offer rates ranging from $30 to $50. Conversely, for a more luxurious experience, establishments such as Brix Bar in the Hyatt Hotel are known for rates exceeding $100.

  • Geylang: $40 to $80
  • Orchard Towers: $50 to $90
  • Brix Bar: over $100 Petain Road: $30 to $50
  • Desker and Roswell Road: $30 to $50

Geylang Red District – Lorong

In the eastern part of Singapore, just a short distance from both the city center and the airport, lies a residential area that’s considered safe for nighttime strolls.

While there is a red light district in the vicinity, it’s relatively small, with activities mainly confined to specific lanes known as “Lorongs”.

Unlike the extensive red light districts in places like Bangkok, only certain even-numbered Lorongs, ranging from Geylang Lorong 4 to Geylang Lorong 24, are involved in prostitution, with some overflow onto odd-numbered lanes.

The focal points for brothels are Lorong 24, 26, 28, and 30, so if you’re seeking that kind of entertainment, those are the areas to focus on.

Along Geylang Road, there are plenty of eateries that stay open until the early hours, making them popular spots for encounters with Singaporean women who have been out at nightclubs.

Due to various factors like police crackdowns and competition, many sex workers have shifted from Geylang to residential areas known as Heartland (HDB), although there are still plenty of girls working in the brothels scattered throughout the area.

The Lorongs host girls from different ethnic backgrounds, not just locals, with some streets predominantly populated by Filipinos, others by Chinese or Indonesians.

Typically aged between 18 and 30, these girls come from nearby countries with visa-free entry to work freelance for short periods, meaning there’s always a turnover of new faces.

For those seeking additional options, freelancers can also be found operating along Talma Road.

Prices for services vary, with rates typically starting at $40 for 30 minutes and going up to $80 or even more for an hour, depending on the girl’s attractiveness.

In Geylang, there are budget-friendly hotels that are open to short-term stays and are also friendly towards female guests, such as Hotel 81 Orchid.

Orchard Towers

This multi-level shopping complex stands out as a prime destination for meeting freelancers and sex workers in Singapore.

By day, it appears much like any typical Asian mall, bustling with restaurants, stalls, and shops. However, the atmosphere shifts dramatically come 8 pm, as patrons begin to flood the bars and nightclubs for the start of “happy hour.”

As the night progresses, these establishments become crowded with working girls, along with local revelers seeking weekend fun.

Reportedly, the excitement and caliber of girls in the “Four Floors of Whores” escalate with each ascending level of the mall.

Most clubs boast a bevy of attractive girls regardless of the day, each offering a unique mix of nationalities, from Filipinos to Thais, and even Europeans hailing mainly from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

For those interested in ladyboys, there are a couple of bars exclusively staffed by transvestites.

The majority of these nightspots operate as hostess bars, where girls await patrons willing to purchase them drinks in exchange for companionship.

Local Singaporean girls typically eschew these venues due to the comparatively low rates, preferring instead to conduct their services from private condominiums, charging a minimum of $120 per hour.

Conversely, freelancers in Orchard Towers offer all-night encounters for prices ranging from $50 to $80.

For those seeking a more straightforward night out, Orchard Tower offers clubs like Ipanema, Queens, and Naughty Girls, known for their accessibility to prostitutes.

However, Orchard Tower isn’t solely about paid encounters; it also provides opportunities to connect with women seeking uncomplicated fun and casual encounters.

Brix Bar

Brix bar may not fit the typical image of a “whore tower” or a designated red light street, but it’s worth mentioning in this guide to Singapore’s red light districts for a specific reason.

Despite its location within the Grand Hyatt Hotel, just a 10-minute walk from Orchard Tower, Brix bar has earned a reputation as a hotspot for encountering attractive sex workers, effectively making it a red light area in its own right.

The bar itself exudes a lively party atmosphere, complete with a foreign live band playing popular hits. However, the real draw lies in the presence of the women.

What sets Brix apart is not only the abundance of beautiful women but also the diversity of cultures represented among them. Alongside Asian women, patrons may encounter individuals from Africa, Russia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Colombia, and beyond.

Entry to the bar requires a fee of S$30, which includes one complimentary drink. However, patrons should be prepared to cover additional expenses as it’s customary for guests to pick up the tab for drinks shared with the women.

Prices for the services of prostitutes at Brix range from $100 to $300, attracting a clientele consisting primarily of affluent Singaporeans, expatriates, and businessmen.

It’s worth noting that not all women inside Brix are sex workers; there’s still a chance to connect with foreign women seeking casual encounters without any financial transactions involved.

Desker Road & Rowell Road

The vicinity may lack charm and appear dilapidated, but it remains a safe environment. Within this area, one can encounter ladyboys and transgender individuals offering their services for rates ranging from $30 to $60 per hour.

Predominantly, these individuals hail from Thailand and the Philippines.

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